On Lunch

So, blogs are fun! I am recently falling in love with reading the blogs that other diabetics post and I am fast getting hooked. Last weekend I was browsing blog posts and found one that started me crying. It was posted by Penny on January 31st 2007.

A mom blogging because her son has type one diabetes. Her post "Because I have to" was the tear jerker ten days ago and still causes my throat to go tight when I read it.
Her devotion sent chills up my back. Her strength in her writing is an inspiration. Thank you Penny.

More later, lunch is over.


Allison said...

Hi Amber! Thanks for your form. I will put you up ASAP. I'm glad you found the Diabetes O.C. Can't wait to read more about you.

You can check out my blog, Lemonade Life, at www.lemonlemonade.com. Catch ya later!

Penny said...


I just found your blog through my stat counter. Welcome to the diabetes blogging community. And, thank you for the nice things you said about my post. {{I'm blushing}}

I'm going to add a link to your blog if it's OK.

Kim said...

wow!it’s great to read articles that come directly from the heart. Thanks for sharing