Yesterday marked my 20th diaversary.  And fortunately I was too busy to even reflect on it until today.  Luckily I can say that after twenty years of diabetes I am complication free.  I have a great endocrinologist.  I found out last week that my A1c is at a better level (7.6 - thank GOD!).  I have access to the best technology for treating this disease, all be it at a high price. 

I know I have posted a lot of negative things, this is my place to unload afterall.  But if after another twenty years I can look back and say the same things I said above about diabetes, then I would feel blessed.  Yes a cure would of course be great.  But for now I am glad for the things I have to help me stay complication free.

My Insulin pump with CGM.
My meter and test strips.
Various medications to protect my kidneys and vascular system.
My friends and family who help me keep my head on when its ready to blow.
Possibly my new kitten who seems to wake me up if I am low...although that is yet to be proven on a consistent basis.  He is fun enough to mention though.
The diabetes online community who help me feel less alone with this disease.

Where is that cheesecake now??