Hello self

Do you ever wonder if you were to meet your double, would you like them?
I have had diabetes for 15 years, 4 months, and 4 days (nearing 5 days). I have struggled with depression for at least 7 years, but that was just when it was officially diagnosed so it probably was longer. I have spent only the last year in good control of my diabetes and blood sugars, and decent control the year before that. I have made some terrible academic and relationship mistakes and am trying to sort through the emotional side of the aftermath still. I have lost a cat who I loved dearly. I have loved another dearly and said good bye to them. I think too much its almost irritating. I hope for the best and offer the benefit of the doubt to most people.
And after agonizing far too long over which thought to share and type, I have thought myself into tiredness. HA.
Its been a while since I've done this. Bear with me and (I hope) soon I will be more at ease with blogging.
So, for now, good night.

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