Sign the Petition (maybe with out the spelling errors?)

I just wanted to bring attention to this petition asking the FDA to create a diabetes advisory council and help improve therapies and treatments on drugs and research for persons with diabetes!

I signed it and decided to leave a lovely comment, with two or three typos (great, just what we need right? Another idiot who can't spell!! So read over your comments CAREFULLY before confirming them, unlike me). Please forgive my inability to spell and go check it out!

This is a little info from the petition Ask FDA to better Serve Diabetes Patient Needs:

"Due to the very nature of the severity and prevalence of diabetes, the following leaders within the diabetes community, who have signed this petition, implore the FDA for the immediate creation of a Diabetes Advisory Council, whose goal would be to improve options for patients. This council would include practicing endocrinologists, diabetes educators and others communicating directly with patients. Our experience, focus, and keen awareness of the needs of the diabetes community would be an invaluable resource to the FDA as it faces the arduous process1 of evaluating new diabetes treatments. Our aim is to improve options for patients.
We urge the new FDA leadership to recognize the urgent need for more safe and effective treatment options for diabetes and to reduce barriers to innovation. More treatment options will benefit patients. The disease is progressive. Delays in the availability of new treatments will only result in tremendous cost to public health and the economy. Our recommendation can benefit patients without sacrificing their safety.
Make your voice heard!"

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