I hate my liver

Okay so maybe I don't hate it all the time but right now I am not too pleased. So I go to work out with a starting blood sugar of 231. Great, I can push myself and not suspend the pump. Usually that's how it goes any way. I start in the 200's and end in the low 100's after a cardio.

So, today I feel extra motivated and do a full 60 minute workout. I feel a little shaky and am thinking I went too long and dropped my sugar low. Testing to confirm, I get a strange result of 223. Ok, I think, that's strange. Maybe there is something on my hands, so I wash them. Test again.

262. WHAT? Test again.

264. The nausea kicks in and I want to throw up. I have that nice metal taste in my mouth too.

I know that what probably happened is that doing a longer work out than usual stimulated my liver to secrete the evil glycogen to help my exercising muscles and that's why its high and seems to be climbing as I type. I know that this reaction is a good thing, it means my liver is working as it should. I however see it as an evil side effect. I wanted to have a great work out and feel great and have a lowered blood sugar too. Now I only get one of those goals and it doesn't seem as satisfying because of the high.

Irritating, right?


Scott K. Johnson said...

Totally irritating.

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