A great weekend!!

I got to meet some of my fellow bloggers tonight!

Thank you Scott, Sara, Molly (and Dixie) for sharing the evening with me and swapping diabetic stories!

It was really cool to meet the authors of some of the blogs I like to read. I only feel sooooo bad about stepping on Dixie's tail! :( So sorry about that! Usually I am good about avoiding animals and not stepping on them; the thrill of meeting everyone in person must have distracted me too much.

Taylor's wedding went by so quickly and the day was wonderful and exhausting, pictures to follow. I had a bad low the following morning though that I plan to elaborate on later, I am still trying to work through it myself.

But otherwise this weekend was a total blast!!

Lets do another MN gathering for those who couldn't make it this time, I'm all for it! Oddly enough I haven't met many fellow diabetics and would love the chance to meet more. I think meeting Molly, Sara, and Scott doubled the number of T1 diabetics I have met in person to date. Okay, that isn't entirly true but this is the first time where I have actually felt like I know and will continue to know the peole I met (I went to Camp Needlepoint a looooong time ago but didn't make any D friends that I am still in touch with, or that I even cared to continue to know outside of camp...).

I have a question that I intended to ask the OC group tonight but forgot to so I'll toss it out there to the web: as a diabetic what do you do about drinking alcohol? Do you find it easiest to just avoid it all together? Or do you just test like crazy while drinking? At the wedding this past Friday there were many people drinking, and because I didn't want to risk running low and missing out on any part of the event I just avoided drinking. This conclusion got me many a raised eye brow questioning my logic. While I understand my logic, and I am fine with it, I wanted to know what others do about celebrations where alcohol is consumed and some other tactics than always being the sober cab. So, what works for you when consuming alcohol?? Let me know. :D


Molly said...

It was great meeting you last night! (and your sister too :-)
It's so nice to be able to swap stories with others that live with the day to day diabetes.

As far as the alcohol question... I do have a drink or two on occassion. I test like crazy, make sure to have some food with it, and stick to mixed drinks with diet soda, etc. I used to really enjoy beer, but if I drink it at night, it makes me high in the morning, so I choose to avoid it.

Have a great week!!

PS. No big deal about Dixie's tail. It happens all of the time, and she's used to it.

LORI said...

Sounds like you all had a great time! Maybe you can move the party up to Canada next time... hahah.

When I'm in the right mood (especially now with summer and patio-party weather), I'll indulge in a few drinks every now and then. I do make sure to test every hour, and drink low-carb beverages like Molly. Mixed drinks with diet soda, or low-carb beer. There are a lot of great low-carb coolers now too: Smirnoff Ultra 1, Mike's Hard Light... not sure if you have them in the US or not. Unfortunately, the coolers are only available in stores, not at restaurants, which is a bit of a bummer.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey! I had an AWESOME time too. My face hurt from laughing and grinning so much - it was great.

I would like to get together more too, and think we should set up something regular. It's always fun to hang with folks that "get it".

I don't drink much at all - maybe a glass of red wine every now and again, but that's about all. Sorry - don't have much to contribute.

Have you checked out Manny's site: tudiabetes.com? There was some talk there about wine & stuff, but I didn't follow the thread. Might be a good place to ask as well.

I look forward to hanging out with you again!

Anonymous said...

I haven't really found a drink I like so I don't drink very often. Sorry I can't help either.
I did have a ton of fun the other night! I wish I could come back for your future get-togethers!