Here comes winter

How long can one stare at the white computer screen before it becomes intimidating? Am I the only one who feels that way about blogging sometimes?

Sometimes I get so used to talking about the same things, and thinking the same things because I talk to so many different people about diabetes and work and school and life, that when it comes down to me and the blank screen I come up silent. My fingers don't know what to type, my mind asks the question, "Where to now?" and the answer that keeps returning to me today is the weather.

In MN its getting closer and closer to our first snow, at least in the Twin Cities, and you can just feel it happening. I almost expect to look outside on my lunch tomorrow and see snow falling. The wind is fast and crisp to your skin and the sky looks a little farther away, drawing away its heat for months and months to come. And that's how you know, winter is on her way.

I can't help but feel as though fall went by far too fast and that this winter will take too long. But we shall see.

There are always the snow angels to keep you company when it snows.


Amylia said...

As a former Golden Gopher, I loved this post and your description of the advent of winter.

Oh, please tell us when it snows and take a photo. Here in Taipei that seems so distant...all we have is dreary rainfall day after day...

Molly said...

Yesterday after lunch, some of my students came inside shouting "IT'S SNOWING!!" They were making plans to build snowmen, snowboard, etc. (and as you know, the amount of snow was minimal--a few drifting flakes!)

I know what you mean about sitting at the keyboard. I find it so therapeutic to blog, and need to put it higher on my "list of things to do for me."