Hello Again Vlog

I decided to run with the webcam in Jason's new computer. So here is my first Vlog attempt. YaY!


Kerri. said...

Three things:

First, you have terrific hair. I must say, I'm having hair envy at the moment. :)

Secondly, nice Raise Your Voice t-shirt!

And thirdly, congratulations on being accepted into nursing school!! That is great news and I'm happy that you're making the move towards something you'll love.

I like all the vlogging that's gone on lately - it's a good way to get to know the faces and voices behind the blogs - and I'm looking forward to seeing more of yours. :)

- Kerri.

Lora said...

I liked your Vlog! Congratulations on nursing school. I'll be watching to see how you're doing--I'm curious about the exercise DVDS.

George said...

Awesome vlog! Congrats on Nursing school, that is so cool.

My suggestion, be yourself and say what you want.

Good job!

Molly said...

Cool Vlog! Way to go getting into nursing school. Glad that your hard work is paying off. :-)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yay! Great vlog! Like Kerri says, all the vlogging that's going on is such a fun way to get to know everybody better. Even though we've met, that WAS a long time ago - so it was good to see your face again!

Congrats on the nursing school! That's fantastic news!

Thanks for the recent comment too - the food guilt and such is a PITA. Thanks for the support though!