Tried and Tired

I have been very tired lately. I knew I had a thyroid issue from my endo last year but never felt the effects of it until now. Last year I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and prescribed medication to treat it which I never took. After spending nearly all of August dead tired I decided that maybe I should start taking the medication and see if it would help with the constant fatigue. Which it did, for a little while. Even now, after taking it for nearly three weeks, I am still very tired a lot of the time. My muscles ache and waking up seems to be the most difficult thing of the day, not to mention falling asleep is at times equally as hard.

There have been too many changes lately to know what exactly is adding to this tired feeling. Is it a more physical job? Working later than I have worked in the last 2.5 years? Starting a yoga class and a full college course load? Trying to exercise more? Not getting enough fruits and veggies or protein? Is is the blood sugar swings that I have been having for the last 5 weeks? Sigh, see what I mean, there are a lot of reasons I could be tired.

And I am nearly too tired to try and figure out which one it is. I am guessing, really, really guessing that it is the change in schedule and routine. I am only working part time on the weekends. During the week I have classes but there is a lot of down time that I have during the day and I am nearly beside my self with what to do. I know I should be studying or cleaning or organizing but a lot of the time I am surfing the Internet or reading a magazine or wandering on campus aimlessly. Not very productive tasks in other words.

So, this is the proposal I have to myself to deal with the tiredness. Apply to join a leadership institute and a nursing club that meet regularly during the week. That way I have a set task to do that will give me a break in studying and also help improve my leadership skills and understanding of the nursing program. I am going to try to make it to the gym Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday as those days I do not have yoga and three of the four days I do not work. I hear exercise is a cure for always being tired. So here goes.

I always say I am going to blog more, but who knows about that...my trend isn't that good with blogging. Which is very funny to me. I used to write all the time and now its like pulling teeth to get my thoughts out. It has something to do with feelings of incompetence, being extremely self conscious and not wanting to be overly negative. I find that I am a naturally pessimistic person when it comes to personal matters, and I don't think that people want to always read negative reports.

There is a hand out that I was given to help with those thoughts titled "The 7 Pillars of Mindfulness" by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Has anyone heard of it before? Well the pillars are basically principals that you use during meditation to help with stress reduction (in a nut-shell). I thought just for fun I would see if anyone else has heard of them. What did you think?

I will try to post them here shortly (right now the handout is buried somewhere...). That's all I have for now. Adieu.


Scott K. Johnson said...

I think that change in itself can be tiring.

A thyroid issue can spill over into many areas of life, and I would bet that if you get that figured out it will help you identify other life issues that are draining you.

As far as the blogging goes, I've always said, blog when you can and when you FEEL like it. It should not feel like an item on a "to do" list. Know what I mean?

bob marley & lucy liu said...

If "blogging out" the negative helps, then I say let 'er rip! People who don't wanna read it can always scroll down, right?

I found your blog via another type 1 blog. (My daughter has type 1). Your title CRACKED me UP so severely I nearly wet myself. I hate how that old geez pronounces dy-a-be-tus on the commercial. I just want to shake him and then give him a quick Greek lesson.

Well, I was going to blame your tiredness on dehydration from immense heat, but now see that you're way up north so that is probably not the issue. I, on the other hand, am drained from being sucked dry by the desert. Good times!

Anyhow, best of luck in your search for solutions, school, etc.

--sandi in Arid-zona