My logo

So I didn't win but I am still proud of my little sketch I produced for Kerri's Type One Diabetes Awareness "Raise Your Voice" logo contest and thought I should share it. I have no idea how to create a digital image and am terrible at drawing, so for me this was challenging indeed! I loved taking part though, and really liked all the logo's submitted. So here is my little pride and joy from this contest:

Go check out the winner !! There are also some sweet T shirts, buttons and magnets with the winning logo on it that you can order to show your support .

Participating in the logo contest gave me a chance to blab to everyone around me about Type One diabetes, why we need our own day for awareness, and what is the difference anyway. That alone was very fulfilling for me because by speading the word I felt like I was making a bit of a difference, all be it with only those who are friends, family, or co-workers.

Monday April 14th is a day to Raise Your Voice for Type One diabetes awareness. I am all hyped up working on a good blog to post that day, and I am excited to show my support by wearing one of those awesome t-shirts!

Yay for diabetes awareness!! And thank you Kerri for this fun contest!!